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This set comprises of 1 single drivers seat cover, and matching double seat cover.

Our VW TRANSPORTER T5 VAN seat cover is a tailored to fit product suited to fit this specification of van.

Please note:

Drivers Single: This is a complete seat cover that covers the front and the whole of the back of the seat. This seat cover has a velcro opening which will allow the armrest through and can than be resealed to its maximum position so that water, dust and dirt cannot penetrate through.

Passenger Double: A great feature of this double seat is that it has an aperture opening, so that the centre seat belt can be used by the passengers, all the seat belts driver and passenger side are functional and once again this particular is a full cover for the front and the back.



Exterior Fabric: Heavy duty canvas polyester waterproof fabric. We are specialist in canvas waterproof because it is far superior to nylon (unfortunately we prefer not to use nylon as it tends to be slippy/uncomfortable and makes the customers back soggy and damp, hence our canvas waterproof fabric is far superior, more durable and robust and that’s why our main agent customers prefer it.

Interior Fabric: Maximum protection of the seats is obtained by a pvc membrane which is coated to the underside of the canvas waterproof fabric. In other words there are two layers of fabric: exterior waterproof canvas with a full pvc lining.

Backing Fabric: To maximize protection of the whole seat our seat cover covers the full back and here we have used a heavy gauge nylon material which is as a matter of interest fully wipe down.

Some special features of this fabric are:

- Waterproof

- Dust proof

- Durable/robust

- Comfortable to sit on

- Easy to fit

- will take a cold wash (easy to clean)


-We certainly recommend these truly classic waterproof seat covers if you are looking to protect your VW TRANSPORTER T5 VAN seating so that this will improve the resell value of your vehicle for the future. Once fitted, you have the peace of mind that your seats will remain in a pristine condition.

-If your seats are our worn out or it has patches of dirt or discoloration, disintegrated foam then we strongly recommend that you buy our van seat covers.

-Ideal for:   Builders, Electricians, Plasters, Construction companies, Florists, Couriers etc.


For your VW TRANSPORTER T5 VAN-Made to measure set in waterproof canvas ( which will include separate head rest covers/ arm rest cover/ drop down tray- please see in our website or call us for advice) 

For further details please feel free to email/telephone/arrange a visit.

VAT Invoice available if required